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You’ve made all kinds of “promises” to yourself. Probably the same promises you have been making to yourself for years (unfortunately).  You know that you don’t want to waste any more time, and are wondering, “what is it going to take”  to just be my true self and have more days FILLED with YAY- The Easy Way… AKA more wealth, freedom, peace of mind, happiness, joy, fun and get the “stuff” on the ole dream or vision board.

Have you ever seen the movie Jumping Jack Flash with Whoopi Goldberg? Hilarious movie by the way…  🙂  Well there is a line in the movie, when after being injected by truth serum, she is asked by a woman in a day say, how she is… and she replies” I hate my job, I hate this city, I am a little lonely periodically, I feel like I got my period every day of the week, but other than that, I’m great.”  Does that resonate at all? Even a little?

Are You

Feeling like you are lost or in a fog??  Most of the day, you are thinking, hoping, praying, maybe even bargaining with some Higher power to deliver you to someplace else… any place else??? Then of course, after having those thoughts, the guilt begins to set in because you are “ungrateful” for the things you do have in your life and feel badly for even entertaining the thought of leaving them.

Jump from hobby to hobby, friend to friend or job to job, vision to vision, idea to idea, “purpose to purpose”, coach to coach, mentor to mentor, seminar to seminar, searching for “something” that to fit you… but nothing seems to fit you??? It’s like you are Goldie Locks from the 3 Bears Trying to Find the Life That Fits You Just “Right”…

do you

Find yourself up at night, thinking the same old thoughts, feeling the same old feelings, of worthlessness and overwhelm…. Wondering, “what in the heck (hell) is wrong with me, why can’t I get what I WANT?” You buy the books, watch your old episodes of Oprah (Dr. Phil), and still nothing is changing in your life… Other people are getting what they want, so there must be something “wrong” with you? Right?

Naturally, you then start a rousing round of – “Why I Suck Court”… becoming your judge and jury of everything that is wrong with you, finding yourself  GUILTY… GUILTY of just sucking at life, sentencing you to a life of suckiness.

Carrying around extra weight that you can’t seem to “lose” and even when you lose 5, you seem to “find” 10 more feeling more defeated, depleted and disgusted…

Sometimes (most of the time) looking over at your partner and thinking, “What the hell? Why did I hook up with you??? What was I thinking? I can so do better than this?” Or if you are single, maybe you keep dating and giving your love to people who neither value nor appreciate you.

Second guessing everything, because you just don’t want to make the “same mistakes” and can’t seem to get out of the mistake cycle… like a yucky version of Groundhog’s Day.

Knowing in every fiber of your being that something has to be better… heck (hell) you know there is something better, but have no idea how to get “there”… which vacillates between frustration, aggravation and desperation.

All of the YUCK that you are “trying’ to manage, “put in perspective” “see the hidden blessing”, yada yada is not caused by what you have been told and the solution is NOT what you think.

For those of you who ready… and desiring to receive the goodies that life has for you… I offer personal mentoring on an ongoing basis for women + cool men who:

  • Who are passionately committed to being a gift and contribution to themselves and by example, those around them…
  • Who want to save themselves time, energy and money by knowing what decisions to make, actions to take and what is uniquely right for them with Confidence, Ease and Joy…
  • People who are tired of failing and struggling to experience the life they desire (all of life’s goodies) trying to be like everyone else and are finally ready to succeed, win and have wealth being their True Self…
  • Are highly committed and motivated…
  • Those of You who want massive change in a short amount of time and are willing, with my support to take leaps toward your success…

Many of you, want highly personally attention focused only on you… and frankly, you deserve it.  There are also a number of you, like myself, who may not have the support at home, or with friends, family or “loved ones”… peeps just don’t get you and you want to be “got” for a change…

As the alternative to running away to Bali and taking a new identity… let’s Get Started! YAY!

Imagine leaping from frustration, numbness and drudgery to Unlimited Possibilities and Opportunities…

Here are some questions to ask yourself, to find out if you are truly ready, willing and able to fast track your path to self-mastery and a life and living that you love.

1. Are you ready for profound transformation?

2. Are you willing to give up the things that aren’t working and move to create a reality based upon your unique truth?

3. Are you addicted to things like, conventional wisdom, traditions, being right?

4. Do you want to finally access your unique truth?

5. Do you know how your life would look if you could act with clarity, confidence and vision?

6. Are you willing to stop judging yourself?

7. Are you willing to step into the space of limitless possibilities?

8. Do you want to understand your Truth’s language?

9. Do you want more of you and less of everything and everyone else?

10. Do you want to express your truth + be a gift and contribution + receive money for being that gift and contribution?

11. Are you ready and willing to finally allow yourself to receive all of the goodies of life?

12. Do you want to express yourself, and finally move on YOUR enLIGHTened path?

13. Are you ready to see fear for what it actually is?

14. Do you desire to have your outer reality reflect your truth and your inner reality?

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True Self VIP Day of YAY!

What is a True Self Day of YAY you ask??? Great question…

It’s the most EXCLUSIVE service I offer:…a whole day with me, one-on-one with you… creating RADICAL and RAPID BREAKTHROUGHS in one day, the easy way!

I make very limited number of days available each month for full day True Self Facilitation experiences with me personally. Each day consists of comprehensive clearings, in depth processing and customized application of The RADICAL Self-Expert Method™. These are NOT generalized techniques, processes and clearings, but rather, are uniquely tailored to your life and living in its current state. We specifically identify and clear your judgments, conclusions, suppositions, assumptions, habits, etc, to allow the receiving of the thing or things you most desire.

Each VIP Day includes 2 45 minute follow up mentioning sessions and a bonus of a full year’s worth of support through my RADICAL YAY the easy way program.  I want you to receive all of the support available as you step into the limitless possibilities of Your Self-Expertise.

If you are interested, please set up a 15 minute complimentary call with me. Click Here to Apply for Your Complimentary Session

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True Self VIP Day of YAY²

I also offer something quite unique with “buddy experiences”…  You and a like-minded friend (buddy), can share ongoing sessions to be in support of and to each other. Something, that I have found, can be valuable for the clients I have had the privilege of working (it’s never work because I love it) with.

These sessions are for rapid shifts and include two (2) VIP days and sixteen private mentoring sessions, as well as membership to the RADICAL YAY Gold Circle. This program is a 4 figure financial investment for highly motivated and committed clients, who are tired of playing small and want to take their life and their living to the next level… + and finally know what actions to take decisions to make with joy, ease and confidence…. + know what is RIGHT for uniquely you, the fill out the application today.

I know if you made it this far, you are soo ready to KNOCK YOUR LIFE AND LIVING Out of the Park, right? Let’s get started…. BECAUSE I only make a limited number of spots available each month, please, set up a free complimentary call with me… Fill Out Your Application and See If We Are a “Good Match”

Sending Buckets of YAY Your Way,

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